Touchstone data

Panacea community - all product distribution by quarter    

  Q1 19 Q2 19 Q3 19 Q4 19 Grand total
Panacea Community £1,948,919,967 £2,363,845,124 £1,720,937,326 £1,754,278,313 £7,787,980,729
Non Community £1,141,294,152 £1,295,511,827 £991,147,001 £1,006,906,760 £4,434,859,739
Grand total £3,090,214,119 £3,659,356,950 £2,712,084,327 £2,761,185,073 £12,222,840,469


Total distribution - last 4 quarters

Product Group Non User Sales Panacea Community Sales Total Community Market Share (%)
Group Pension £1,353,754,983 £3,651,513,498 £5,005,268,482 73.0
Indiv. Pension £1,025,355,637 £2,079,264,717 £3,104,620,354 67.0
Indiv. Protection £440,294,121 £173,908,457 £614,202,578 28.3
Investment £1,400,653,029 £1,757,226,142 £3,157,879,171 55.6
Lifetime Mortgages £214,801,969 £126,067,915 £340,869,884 37.0
Grand total £4,434,859,739 £7,787,980,729 £12,222,840,469 63.7


Panacea is unique in that we are the only support organisation (that is not linked to a distribution channel) who has our database cleaned against the FCA register. This is to ensure that the independent validation, integrity and independence for supporting firms is maintained.

This is done by AUTUS Data Services, quarterly, and is then passed back to Equifax Touchstone who continue with the more granular work on data analysis. This allows us to know about adviser firms business volumes, mixes, market share etc. Due to the work with AUTUS and Equifax Touchstone we are now able to understand more about the audience. 

Linked to the work by both AUTUS and Equifax Touchstone, the latter has been able to provide us with unprecedented access to the most comprehensive insight into the UK intermediary market delivered via a unique combination of intuitive ‘train of thought’ dashboards and advanced custom analytics.

Panacea is the only firm in the support space that has access to this data. Put simply, it independently validates what we do, clearly separating us from other organisations who may say they can, do, have, will, but in reality cannot at all.

The importance of this to you is that we can very finely tune the metrics from the AUTUS database clean and the Equifax Touchstone data to give you the opportunity for almost unlimited targeting using our data here, with the data here and then combining it with your preferences and even your own database de-dupe against ours.

The unique access to Touchstone Panacea Intermediary Insights will allow us access to all the valuable information we are used to from Touchstone,  helping you to more easily identify the targets you may wish to aim at, and coming soon:

•Assets Under Management added to the system
•Additional insight leveraging Touchstone’s uniquely powerful consumer profiling solutions, Investor and Wealth Profiles
•Inclusion of Equifax Commercial data to help identify which Panacea community intermediaries you want to build strategic relationships with and those you don’t

Please contact if you are interested in speaking to us further.

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