Research Panel

Whilst Advisers in general are renowned for being vocal when it comes to regulatory matters, ask them to complete a survey relating to products or their opinions on service and it can be a whole different ball game!
That is why we decided to create a dedicated research panel of 115 (and growing) advisers and paraplanners from the Panacea community, who have specifically opted in to work with you to help enhance your relationships, products and services.
In partnership with Harris Interactive, an independent, award-winning, market research agency we are able to provide you with the opportunity to get feedback from our panel on the issues that matter to you.
For a more detailed breakdown of our Panel members, please visit the research breakdown page.
Provider Partners will be able to compose and share their own set of survey questions on their topic of choice and target either the entire panel or targeted. Panacea Adviser is also able to help Provider Partners compose research questions/topics should they require support in this area.
Some benefits of using the Panacea Research Panel:
  • Get opinions from an audience of engaged advisers and paraplanners on topics you are specifically interested in 
  • Develop a greater understanding of the needs of the market to identify business opportunities
  • Evaluate your hypotheses and proposition ideas, minimising effort and risk
  • Cost-effective feedback via an independent source
  • Customised flexible research options that are tailored to your requirements
  • Providing you with confidence that you are asking the right questions and interpreting the results in the right way
So, whether you’re looking to gauge adviser sentiment, test out appetite for a new product idea, or get some new insight into the financial advice market, the Adviser Research Panel could be a valuable additional to your Panacea Adviser subscription. 

Please contact or for further information and pricing options.

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