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FCA Register Landscape

December 2018

The UK Financial Services market is large and diverse. This report looks at key metrics and trends shaping the landscape of the industry.

  • 93,464 active Firms (FRN numbers)
  • 168,928 combinations of Registered Individuals and Firms
  • 142,820 unique Registered Individuals as some people work at multiple Firms

Between the start of 2018 and the end of October:

  • Over 2,800 people have moved Firm
  • Over 9,300 people have joined the FCA register for the first time
  • Over 13,700 people have become de-authorised from the FCA register
  • Over 10,000 Firms have joined the FCA register while nearly 6,300 have left it

It is important to define your target market and make sure you can see all the Firms and Registered Individuals in it. The industry is dynamic, so distribution can be optimised by keeping track of all the changes and updating your systems to help achieve your goals.

Download this guide and read more about your industry as it stands at the moment.

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