Partner Reporting

Monthly Newsletter

We send all of our partners a newsletter each month detailing site visits, page views, and Bento Bulletin stats for the site overall.  These also include an update on latest campaigns and any new areas of the site you may wish you get involved with.

View our latest monthly newsletter here.

Solus Mails & Lead Bento Bulletins

We provide unique MI for Solus emails and lead bento articles which would include sends, open rate and click through rates. 

We also provide contact details of all those that have clicked on any links within solus mails or lead bento article for follow-up.
Touchstone Data

We provide our partners with quarterly Touchstone data about our users.

View our latest Touchstone data here.

Community data

We also provide a quarterly breakdown in our community to enable you better target advisers within your solus allocation.

View our latest community data here.

Individual MI

Unfortunately we are not able to provide any more MI than specified above. If you wish to track any individual stories we add to the site, links within your area of the site or banner advertising you will need to provide us with specific, trackable links.

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