Panacea Adviser run regular Webinars via our BrightTalk channel. They are usually around 30-40 minutes long, introduced by a member of the Panacea team before passing over to the partner involved.

Panacea will undertake all admin involved in setting up the webinar and provide log in details.

The webinar promotion involves:

Following on from the webinar, MI includes how many people registered, listened on the day and then post event one month follow-up report.

Average stats from past webinars :


View our BrightTalk Channel here.


How it works:

In advance 

- Panacea will need the following from you:

- Once a date & time is agreed, Panacea will then set up the forthcoming webcast on the BrightTalk system and use the details to promote pre-registration via:

- Panacea will also present you with dial in details, web link and Pin number.

- A few days prior to the presentation, slides need to be sent to Panacea to load onto the BrightTalk system. 

- Some companies like to log in to the presenter screen a day or so beforehand to just review how it works. 


On the day

- Both companies will dial in from our own locations, using the telephone number provided and also log in to the presenting screen.  

- The presenters will then be able to view the presentation and move the slides along as they talk.

- Panacea will introduce the session and presenter.  The presenter will then run through the presentation and Panacea will close. 

- If any questions are asked (typed) they will appear in a question section which Panacea will be keeping an eye on during the presentation and refer to at the end of the presentation. 

- Any questions or feedback that comes in after the presentation Panacea will forward over post event.


After the event

This will be promoted via: 

- Panacea will send over MI of number of pre registrations, and viewing figures one week and one month after the event. 


Please contact sarahpaul@panaceaadviser.com if you are interested in running a webinar with us. 

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