Solus mails


In 2019 we sent out 70 Solus mails to a total of 1.25m individuals


View our most recent solus mails here 

Using Solus mails for targeting

Solus emails can be sent out to the whole community or can be targeted.  If you want to send out a targeted solus mail we can do this in a number of ways:

1.By using the community profile data  - choose to send out an email including or excluding individuals that are part of certain networks or support service or target by Control Function, firm size etc. 
2.We can target a solus email by an individual’s reading behaviour so, we can target anyone that has clicked on, and read any specific subject matter in the last 12 months such as ‘Investment’ or ‘investment commentary’ articles . You can take a look at all the specific subjects, by clicking the dropdown under ‘Select a subject matter’.  
3.We can use Touchstone data to target anyone that has written business in specific sectors over the last X quarters. The sector breakdowns can be found here
4.A combination of all of the above

Solus mail spec

We do not have specific word-counts but offer either 1 or 2 column options and based on solus mail research, recommend the following to make for a more sucessful solus mail:

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